As cliche as it sounds, I truly cannot believe that 2015 is about to end. I don’t know if it’s simply getting older, becoming a parent (more on that), or the increasing hustle and bustle of life, every year seems to progress more quickly than the last. Despite my best intentions, I have neglected this blog for too long. Therefore, I thought a good way to “come back” would be to briefly review some notable things that happened in 2015.

The most significant thing that happened was becoming a mother. Ok, technically my son was born mid-November in 2014 but the last several weeks of that year were such a blur (thanks, sleep deprivation) that it took until several months into 2015 to feel like I was getting back on my two feet again. This blog is not a platform for me to discuss my son (except to share occasional helpful tips for child nutrition and recipes). However, I do want to share that becoming a mother has been one of the best and overwhelming things that I’ve been through. It is amazing to see life through your child’s eyes and I know there is much more of that to look forward to.

Becoming a mother also meant that I put my business on hold for several months. I still do not know if it is the best time to dive back into things but is there ever really a “right” time to start something important? I know that the fine dance between being a parent and an entrepreneur will never be easy but I am devoted to both 110%.

One of the best things I did for my business and career this year was attend the Food and Nutrition Conference and Exposition (FNCE) in Nashville. Basically, THE conference for dietitians. I did not need to go for continuing education credits so it was nice not to feel pressured to attend numerous educational sessions. Instead, I spent my days networking with some brands (including but not limited to http://americanpistachios.orghttp://tomatowellness.com, and, connected with other dietitians, met new dietitians, and dined at some wonderful restaurants ( and were two favorites). Going to FNCE reignited my passion for my career and the field food and nutrition. 


I also worked on an exciting recipe development project but I am not allowed to go into details about that yet. Don’t worry though, you will know when it is published :). I definitely plan on doing more recipe development work in 2016. 

Finally, I added online health and fitness coaching to my business services. Initially, this is what got me back into a regular fitness routine postpartum. After a few months though, I realized that I could help even more people in their health and wellness journeys with coaching. This topic deserves an entire post on its own but for now, I simply want to say that coaching has had a positive impact not only on my professional life but also my personal life.


As I close “Chapter 2015” in my book of life, I am grateful and humbled by what I have experienced this past year. Thankful for both the challenges and the successes. I am looking forward to being more present on this platform and sharing more content. I don’t want to promise that I will post a certain number of times per week or month. However, I will promise to post more overall than last year. Farewell 2015 and cheers to 2016! Wishing you a healthy and happy New Year!